Each dish made with loving care...

Full Bar

Liquor, wine & local beers. Speciality cocktails and happy hour specials.

Take It To Go!

Carry out at both Owl locations. Delivery by LoDel at the Southside location. Or drop by The Hoot Mart on for a fresh Toasted Owl burrito, salad, or sandwich to go!

Vegan, Veggie, Gluten Free

We offer delicious options for everyone!

About The Toasted Owl, Flagstaff, AZ

Hours & Locations

On the South Side:
12 S. Mike's Pike, Flagstaff, AZ
7 Days a Week: 7am - 3pm

On the East Side:
5200 North Cortland Blvd
7 Days a Week: 7am - 3pm

This Week's Featured Flock

The fixtures, furniture, lamps, dishes, salt & pepper shakers are all for sale!

For local pick up only.

Grape Lantern $125

Salt & Pepper Shakers $15

Lady Lantern $175